What is he famous for?

He threw a stone into the lake.

Attractive people are more successful.

Have you got a match?

She said no more work.

She was very excited.

I see them every day.

What would you do, if you were me?

I ate something that didn't agree with me.

Everyone around here likes him.

Is everything OK at the office?

Do you know when Nicolo will get back?

She was in an abyss of despair.

Kayvan tried to cut through his chain.

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It's possible that the drinking water has chlorine, lead, or similar contaminants in it.

The boss picked me to do the job.

They helped each other do homework.

I want your help.

Marci never called me.

Queer rumors about them were in the air.

They were not brave at all.

You are now among the elite.

I know them personally.

I wish Dominic would weed the garden.

It is Wednesday.

Many Americans like fast cars.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.


I hid it under the mattress.

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Let's go out the back door.

What can I tell him?

Eddie closed the venetian blinds, so the neighbors couldn't look in.

The boss promised mountains of gold.

We didn't reach any conclusions.

Shatter likes to hunt.

This apartment is bigger than any other one in the building.

They were mostly women.

I don't ever want to see you again.

This is the truth.

The nether gate was opened.

I'm an old woman.

You must do your homework.

Do you know any French songs?

Where could he be?

This is another story.

I admire people who express their opinions frankly.


Please submit a sentence to be translated into other languages.


I'm still waiting for Svante to get here.

Rafik wasn't here then.

Dominic isn't qualified for that job.


When did you come over to France?


She was off in her Sunday best.

What is your favorite TV program?

The third generation Japanese communication methods are W-CDMA and CDMA2000.

Gunter is the only one who can stop Terrance.

He's the perfect guy.


Why were you in Boston?

Here's the bus.

I told him to stay indoors.


An oppressive feeling attacked me around the chest.


"Do you really wish that?" asked the little white rabbit.

Arlene speaks with his mother every day.

Linda was the single mother of five children.

We went to the party and had a pleasant time.

Tell Nicolo I'm sorry I wasn't able to be at his birthday party.

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Can I talk to the manager?


I'd do anything to be with you.

Everything happened so fast.

Anne is working late tonight.

Raif will do what Victoria tells him to do.

Prices are competitive.

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She can't stop it.

I'd like to ask Nate to answer a few questions.

She wants to become a citizen.

Oh, Markus, you look terrific!

I don't feel well.

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It happened one year ago.

Let's go for a drive.

Your hair is cute. I like it that way.

I often went to the movies with my father.

Vadim loves to play with my dog.


Ramneek's mind is elsewhere.


Why don't you ask when you have a problem?

I have a bit of a headache.

Joubert's turn came.

I think we should wear masks.

The party's on Thursday.


I don't mean to say that I hate to see people enjoying themselves. But I hate holidays, nevertheless, because to me they are always the dreariest and saddest days of the year.

Take your medicine.

Roberto, she told me that you made her cry. Twice.

He seemed okay when I saw him.

No one will trust his story.

He's studying English.

Straka and Toft pitched their tent in an empty camping spot.

The man aimed a gun at the policeman.

It's a great accomplishment.

I want to grow up to be a great scientist.

Cole has always been fair.

Stop talking about us.

I won't discuss this with her.

We have so little time.

Sal followed Bruno here.


Pratapwant gets anything he wants.

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I am going to learn to swim over the holiday.

We never get enough vacation time.

Unfortunately, Himawan wasn't wearing a life jacket.


Some months have thirty days, others thirty one.

There were three white guys sitting at the counter.

Give me one dollar for the book.

We're not going to be getting much sleep tonight.

I don't think they liked me.

I used to eat like a pig.

Rock fishing without wearing a life jacket can be very dangerous.


Why are you so happy all the time?

Tomorrow we shall go from Frankfurt to Munich.

I just thought I'd take a walk.

Lea is getting ready to leave.

Cyrus tried to stab Sriram.

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Jennie gave Lar a shawl for her birthday.

This is a grievous mistake.

Boston is the city I will be moving to.

Vladislav couldn't get away.

He has a hunger for kindness after fame.

Root handed Dominic the remote control.

It smells of salt and algae.

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We both hate him.


It's best if you don't know.


Billy is a World War II veteran.

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I hesitate to ask him to help.


Enough is enough!

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The highest slides in Latin America are in Brazil.

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It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

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Don't play with his feelings!

I think we both know how Kenton feels.

The sleigh glided swiftly over the ice.


Something is happening in Boston.

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His opinion adds a new light to the question.

The car turned to the left.

Theodore will be back shortly.


He is concerned about the result of the exam.

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Try to smile.

I want to see the land and the sun.

Your study will bear fruit.

After some wine he became a wit.

It must be around here somewhere.


I made up my mind to come here after all.


I'll require a group of experts for this company.

You have to buy something.

Do you want this back or not?

I've never had a friend like you before.

Isaac went to the counter and bought us both a drink.

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Publication of this month's issue will probably be delayed one week.

Research has shown how polluted the rivers are these days.

It weighed about 14 kilograms.


I need some shots before I go on my trip.

He is not a doctor but a teacher.

Olaf's bed is covered by a Pikachu blanket.


I am going to keep your secret.

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I'm sure I have something here that you could use.

Is that too expensive for you?

She spends a lot of money on shoes.